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“Bit Literacy” & Good Experience Meet-Up

Mark Hurst, User Experience expert and author of the new book, Bit Literacy is hosting a seminar and reader meet-up in NYC this coming Wednesday, May 23rd. The seminar is $40, and includes a copy of the book. Unfortunately, I get into the city too late for the seminar, but I’m hoping to make it [...]

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Stranger Than InfoVis

I had the chance last night to see the new Will Ferrell flick, Stranger Than Fiction. In the film, Ferrell plays Harold Crick, a strictly regimented IRS agent living in Chicago whose life is turned upside-down when he discovers that every event in his life is decided by the pen of an omnipotent author.
To illustrate [...]

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FedEx Hub Animation

This fantastic animation shows the flight paths of hundreds of FedEx aircraft over the span of two days and elegantly illustrates the brilliance of the hub-processing model of package handling.
[via information aesthetics]

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