In September of 2001, popular rock act Nickelback released “How You Remind Me,” which quickly climbed the Billboard charts to the #1 position, staying there for over four weeks.

Two years later, in August 2003, the band released “Someday,” which although not as successful as their first hit, still reached a respectable #7 on the US charts.

Even to the casual listener, these two songs are strikingly similar. But they couldn’t possibly be the same song… could they?

The answer– a resounding yes– comes in the form of a creatively put together flash animation. The two songs are overlayed to deomonstrate their near-exact similarity, with one each coming out of the right and left speaker. For added fun, switch quickly between your left and right speakers to hear how the two songs fit together.

[via Kottke]

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  1. Posted September 27, 2007 at 5:03 am | Permalink

    all this proves is one thing… THERE IS A SPECIFIC RADIO FORM THAT ANY ARTIST MUST COMPLY TO IN ORDER TO GET PEOPLE TO LISTEN!!! Simply, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge (solo), chorus. (under 3:30 minutes).

    Ask any producer in the industry (american producer, british, aussie, canadian..) there is a radio format for ANY pop-song. Following it is the only way to make it in the music industry.

    just as APPLE/MAC or Microsoft exploits people, so does ANY BAND popular in the music industry. I believe in capitalism, they have a right to use their talents of knowledge of what people want to hear to make money. Don’t hate!


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